Hutker Architects

Designing a better community

Hutker Architects encourages all of our teammates to take an active role in creating the change they’d like to see in the world. We contribute gifts of time, talent, and treasure aligned with individual passions, as well as shared priorities. Together, our firm has identified four areas for focused impact: Heritage, Housing, Design Education, and Environment.

As a former beneficiary of an architecture trip with Lyceum founder John McKee, Mark Hutker understands firsthand the influence that travel can have on one's design career. Ensuring that design students continue to have access to life and career-changing travel has been a cornerstone of our firm's philanthropic efforts over the last three decades. Through a unique structure of design competition, jury process, and prize-winning travel grants, the Lyceum promotes collaboration, connectivity, and a design dialogue among schools, their students of architecture, and the prominent architects who serve as program authors and jurors.


The Lyceum Impact

  • 32 Students
  • $540k Awarded Prize Money
  • 110 Countries
  • 278 Months of travel
The sense of community while working with Patrick Dougherty at Highfield Hall was clearly apparent. It is quite a unique opportunity for community members to engage in the development of an art that is both so strong and so beautiful. The sculpture illustrates the strength that is possible when many individuals are intertwined. Surely this could be a metaphor for positive human interaction. The project will serve as a reminder of unity for myself and hopefully many others.
Greg Whiting, Designer