Hutker Architects

What is meaningful architecture?

We believe it is more than a series of successful rooms.

It is a frame for life – for cooking and entertaining, homework and conference calls, play dates and relaxation. At Hutker Architects, our passion is residential architecture, and our calling is to leverage good design into years of happy homecomings for every client.

Life patterns.

Tell us about an ideal day in your home. Are you an early riser? When do you exercise? How do you like to be outside? Answers to questions like these help define your life patterns, and inform our ability to create spaces that anticipate (and even help foster) the habits and experiences you wish to have in your new home.

Beauty and craft.

Hutker Architects
We look to harness the transformative power of beauty, to create spaces that are inspiring, engaging, and relaxing. We also love to showcase the work of individual craftspeople. Beautiful details such as a hand-carved stair rail or a carefully flared shingle wall are evidence of the artisan’s hand that link the past to the present while granting a home genuine, handmade character.

A sense of place.

Hutker Architects is privileged to work in some of the most pristine landscapes in the world. New England, in particular, is home to singular natural beauty and vernacular traditions. Wherever your property is, we practice a place-based architecture that considers the local landscape, community, and aesthetic conventions when conceiving a new house.

Hutker Architects
The final product that you call “home” requires coordination and communication among many partners: engineering and construction, interior architecture and lighting, landscape design and environmental management. We are proud to collaborate with incredibly talented colleagues in these fields, and are well-versed in putting the right team together for each project.


Hutker Architects in the Community

We  are privileged to live and work in some incredible places and we are proud to partner with organizations that are making a difference in our community. As a firm, we place a high priority on the importance of making time for our team to give back.

Material ethics.

The influence of light and color, as well as the tactile qualities of wood, metal, and stone, are elements that contribute mightily to your experience of architecture. Our team will help you harness the functional and aesthetic qualities of materials to ensure that the textures and surfaces of your home will complement and respond well to the environment.

Innovation and sustainability.

Natural beauty is what draws many of us to live here, and stewardship of that environment is one of our firm’s core values. We start by designing houses that will serve a family for generations, which is perhaps the most sustainable proposition in architecture. From there, we work with each client to maximize efficiency within their desired scope.

We create heirlooms worthy of preservation through meaningful, narrative design.



We envision a world where…we advance the art of residential architecture.
Our positive work culture defines us as a top place to work,
and we employ the best residential designers.
We cultivate happiness, in our clients and in our team.
We promote and integrate craft in every home we design.
Our designs, and the timeless ideas behind them, are embraced by their communities
and are ultimately deemed worthy of preservation.
Every project gives more than it takes…in beauty, cultural content, and energy.
You all have created a sublime place. It fits into the landscape as if it were always here.