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Ryan Alcaidinho, 5 Under 40 Winner

Hutker is honored to celebrate another New England Home 5 Under 40 winner this year. Ryan Alcaidinho, senior associate, has been recognized as an emerging talent within the architectural field, and we couldn’t be prouder. The evening was a special recognition of Ryan’s hard work and dedication, which extended beautifully into the design of his rug, along with the generous help of Landry & Arcari. An impressive $82,000 was raised in support of Barakat, a company dedicated to female empowerment through education and partnerships.

Ryan’s vision for his own rug design came, aptly, from growing up with his mother, aunts and grandmother — all of which were tailors. “These women were the first to teach me the importance of proportion and the details of construction. My childhood memories are peppered with their patterns laid out on the floor, the sound of a foot-pedal sewing machine, and lace carried with love from Portugal. Their muslin on mannequins became my models in basswood,” says Ryan.

“There are parallels I now see clearly between these early influences and my pursuit of residential design. The balance of tension-between structure and movement, tradition and innovation-are central to both tailoring and architecture. The patterns on my rug are intended to evoke the energy of the creative process. It’s the exciting space between idea and execution where direction is charted and details are explored. Inspired by the concept of a deconstructed menswear suit, this rug is a study of structure, composition, and personality. The cool steel color palette can be both feminine and masculine, fluid yet foundational. Nearly everyone owns a suit in black, gray, or blue. But true quality and elegance come through the nuance of design, construction, and customization-a method of fine-tuning that connects the design to its owner.”

Read more of Ryan’s introduction from New England Home. Congratulations!