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Meet the Interns | Kyle Canepa

Introducing Kyle, who joined Hutker Architects as an intern during the summer of 2021.

As a Cape Cod native, Kyle has long been acquainted with the Falmouth office, passing the firm during drives through town. Hoping that he might one day work at HA, he just completed his second internship with our Falmouth team. Kyle is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology.


HA: What attracts you to architecture and/or design?

KC: I’m drawn to the refinement process that goes into a design. How different iterations can stem from one idea and the end result is a well thought out solution.


HA: What is your favorite thing about your Hutker Architects internship?

KC: The scope of the projects that Hutker Architects works on is incredible. No two are alike, but they all have something connecting them, like a language. Being a part of the team that works on these projects is really fulfilling.


HA: What is one thing that you’ve learned about architecture/the future of architecture by working at HA?

KC: I’ve learned about some of the climate-related future of architecture. The Cape and Islands face complications with rising sea levels, which in turn affects some of Hutker’s projects. I learned about the importance of developing strategies for mitigating this and brainstorming possible solutions going forward.


HA: What is your favorite Hutker Architects project?

KC: West Bend Point is my favorite Hutker Architects project. It’s a spin on a quintessential cape-style home, with a wraparound porch and has an incredible waterfront view. I was working on a similar project during my internship, and it was used as a precedent, so I became very familiar with it. It’s the type of house I could one day see myself living in.


HA: What was the most beneficial experience during your Hutker Architects internship?

KC: I worked on a design team with Mark and Matt for a pavilion in Easton, Massachusetts. It was only a weeklong project, but I remember being given a lot of responsibility. Additionally, I was constantly asked for feedback, my opinion, and my input on the details. It was fast-paced – definitely a highlight of my time at Hutker – and the end result was really remarkable.


HA: Do you feel more prepared to enter the field of design after spending 3 months with HA?

KC: Absolutely, especially regarding the licensing process to become a registered architect. I can also confidently say that my design skills were refined from all the exposure to different projects and various media types.


HA: If you were to give an incoming HA intern any advice, what would it be?

KC: Don’t worry about asking questions. It’s encouraged. Everyone is friendly and available to help. Not only do questions show self-advocacy, but it also saves a lot of time.