Hutker Architects



Introducing our new brand identity

Can lines and angles tell a story? At Hutker Architects, we think so.

For more than 30 years, we have been designing structures with narrative in mind.

Each house – each new arrangement of shapes – spins a tale unique to its people, time, and place.

We approached our new company logo in the same way. Like the bones of a house, we chose sans serif letters that are strong, elegant, and timeless. Like elements of craft and carpentry that personalize a home, we developed serifs and crossbars that reflect the traditions we embrace, while creating a sense of forward movement. The “rooms” between each letter are dynamic and spacious, encouraging circulation around graceful forms.

The graphite hue is a nod to pencil sketches at the heart of our design process, while the bold orange speaks to the innovation and excitement that propels us from one project to the next.

A custom set of marks with a personality all its own, we think it tells our story well.