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Sean Dougherty Promoted to Principal

Photo by Julia Cumes

Sean Dougherty, LEED AP, has recently been promoted to Principal.

Sean joined HA in 2007 and has since become an essential leader in our sustainability efforts, championing our first two certified passive homes. As a LEED AP, Sean has been instrumental in the design, management and completion of multiple LEED-certified projects on Martha’s Vineyard. A member of the HA S.E.T. Team (Stewardship, Energy and Technology), Sean has guided our focus on projects that comply with the firm’s design and sustainability goals. As an experienced project manager, he blends his appreciation for modern architecture with a sensitive understanding of context, place and time.

Sean has also spearheaded a firmwide training program for building science and is recognized for his impactful mentorship within the studio as well as his strong client relationships. He is a respected ambassador for the firm both internally and externally. Sean has been involved in team efforts that have guided the development of career pathways and has served as a member of the IT Strategic Planning Team for as long as he has been with the firm.

Sean, thank you for all that you do!