Hutker Architects

Breaching Rock

A deep appreciation for the history of Martha’s Vineyard and New England vernacular was primary in the development of this property. Beyond expansive views to the west, the site is comprised of large, windswept native oak trees, breaching glacial deposits, an apple orchard, flower garden and classic farm-stacked stone walls. These elements informed the siting of new structures – a main house, pool and pool house and barn – which were carefully arranged to respond, preserve and engage with the natural landscape that surrounds them. The main house is organized as a series of volumes, with understated details evoking the narrative of a traditional homestead. Familiar roof pitches with rafter tails reaching outward, painted divided windows and trim set within a field of natural cedar, grounded foundations and chimneys of brick all provide a connection to place and traditional building methodologies.

Interior finishes further inform the home’s ties to tradition and craft. Painted wood ceilings, floors and walls change depending on how each space is utilized. Handcrafted cabinetry and repurposed antique dressers, revived as vanities, provide a clear understanding of their utilitarian need. Authentic, antique lighting echoes playful wallpaper and colorful tiles. Collectively, these details strengthen the narrative that the home remains rooted in its sense of history and place, while evolving and adapting to the constant changing of time, accompanied by modern living.