Hutker Architects

Fen’s Edge

Set in a prominent and active summer community, “Fen’s Edge” is all about utilizing and maximizing the edge condition along the fen, which serves as a threshold between this home and its neighbors. Privacy was critical to the design’s success, as was prioritizing the beautiful beach views. The site itself is located across the main stretch of beach and against a large fen on the north side. The design allows you to park under the primary views of the house with the landscape transitioning along the side of the pool, up to the front door and into the home. The home also includes a small terrace, pool and Zen garden nestled below the fen, allowing tall phragmites to create additional privacy, with an isolated view toward the ocean. Inside the courtyard is an outdoor shower that breaks through a side wall and is cantilevered over the natural vegetation, creating an experience fully immersed within the landscape. The home’s garden level integrates into the pool design, with the upper section intended to “float” above the fen when seen from across the way. This technique makes the house look smaller and consistent with the scale of other homes in the neighborhood.