Hutker Architects

Great Pond

Nestled forward on a waterfront site and fitting within strict wetland setbacks, this Martha’s Vineyard home strikes the perfect balance between maintaining a strong connection to its natural setting and maximizing privacy from neighboring properties. The main house is elevated five feet above the floodplain, allowing native vegetation to migrate up to and under the house. Visually and experientially, this feature creates a sense of floating, as movement within the grasses below create views straight through to the horizon. The desire for a compact, comfortable, and resilient home led the homeowners to pursue and exceed Passive House requirements. The Passive House Institute US places an extraordinary emphasis on indoor air quality, resilience, and an unparalleled indoor environment. With a robust solar electric system inclusive of battery storage, this home can operate entirely independent from the grid and use of fossil fuels, and generates enough surplus power that the homeowners can allocate extra to their adult children who live across town.