Hutker Architects

Owl’s Nest

A serene 13 acres sets the backdrop for this modern home, enveloping it in the natural beauty of Vermont meadows and mountains.  The inspiration here is heavily influenced by the essential vernacular of northern New England – informed by the context of deep, rich forests, with an emphasis on unobstructed views bringing the outside in. Simple gabled structures, connected by flat roof volume, allows for easy navigation once inside the home. It is important to note that the program of the home includes an emphasis on wellbeing, which speaks to the desired life patterns of the client. Soaking-and-hot tubs, sauna and exercise spaces are all designed to maximize relaxation and connection to the surrounding acreage. Looking north to Mount Mansfield, the property is hugged by the forest. Window language throughout, along with their scope and placement, was greatly emphasized. Color also plays a primary role in the overall aesthetic of the home’s design, with a significant nod to surrounding evergreens, the dark trunks of the trees, and their changing foliage. Meant to be an extension of, and not an addition to, the landscape, this home is as much luxurious as it is hidden, designed to offer tranquility at every turn.