Hutker Architects

South Hill Camp

This home, overlooking a saltwater pond and barrier beach with the Atlantic Ocean beyond, had once been the site of an old fishing and hunting camp. Its new owners aimed to create a comfortable family getaway that preserved the essence of the property’s unique history. Working with Hutker Architects, they arrived at a design for a modern beach camp. The main building contains common living and dining areas, as well as a bedroom wing, while the master suite (with private study) is housed in a separate cabin. Throughout the interiors, rough-hewn timbers frame a simple palette of natural materials, selected with the inevitability of harsh sunlight and sandy feet in mind. All structures are raised several feet above grade, perched on a boardwalk that provides circulation between and around the buildings, and via an outdoor stair to a lookout on the roof. Natural cedar and a green roof help to minimize visual disruption between the house and its natural environment, while the simple gabled structures are a nod to the property’s roots.